Explore Berlin: YAAM Berlin

This hidden gem was never on my radar. A local guide from one the the free walking tours brought us here to celebrate the end of the tour. This is the tour I signed up for in case you’re interested to explore the flipside of Berlin #noragrets. You cannot find anything like this anywhere in Berlin. Come hungry to enjoy cuisines of the Caribbeans. Welcome … Continue reading Explore Berlin: YAAM Berlin

Explore Ho Chi Minh City: The Cafe Apartment

Not your run of the mill attraction in Ho Chi Minh City but trust me, you want to add this on your to-visit list. Just look at the building! It marries the rustic charm of Saigon and feeds the hipster in you! This is the exterior of the building. See how it comes alive after the sun sets? It may be tricky to spot the … Continue reading Explore Ho Chi Minh City: The Cafe Apartment