Muchos gracias for visiting my website. It is only fair that I tell you more about myself before you do the same. So here it goes:

Who is Fida?

A professional in Social Media world by day, a dreamer by night and a traveller on her day-off.

Where is Fida?

Based in Singapore… for now *heh*

Why, Fida?

I want to share with everyone my adventures around the world with that little time I have to actually travel. Not only that, I want to represent a different type of traveller out there who hates the run of the mill itineraries and too lazy to do anything adventurous. Think of me as a very casual traveller but my adventures are still amazeballs.

Really, Fida?

I try my very best to inject my own original experiences but otherwise the thoughts and opinions are purely my own. If it’s featured on my blog, it means I have something to say about it. I have yet to move on to writing for money *LOL.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me more about yourself if you don’t already have a question in mind. Otherwise, I’d say.. Wazzuppp??