Congratulations, Singapore Airlines!

After flying with my home airline the first time in 2018, I now get what the rave was all about. Kudos for being number one again. I must say you have set the bar really high to make me not want to fly with any other airlines!

For decades I’ve only flown with budget airlines, prioritising my money to be spent in the city I’m visiting. I got a good deal late last year to fly with them (SIN-AMS and LON-AMS) on both A350 and A380 and I can feel the vast difference in service and comfort.

The food was so-so as I had to select Muslim meal option (I don’t eat pork) but for once I never felt hungry on a long haul flight! The crew were a breath of fresh air as they took the effort to get to know the passengers’ preferences throughout the journey. My SQ girl knows my favourite drink after I requested for it only twice. She’s also intuitive enough to know that I needed water when i buzzed for service during the downtime.

Self-reminder: to bring an empty water bottle on board so that I can have water on standby and quench my thirst whenever I want *hehe*.

I know some of you will say there are better full-service airlines out there. Yes, but these are my homies and I feel right at home when I flew with them. Don’t get me wrong. I will still try to fly with the others but like I said, Singapore Airlines had set the bar really high for me.

Do recommend me alternative airlines to try for my long haul flights and I’ll try my best to book with them for my future trips.

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