(That’s just a fancy word for solo traveller)

In a nutshell, yes, that’s me. I am here to share why I prefer to travel solo and to convince you to try it at least once in your life.


Get to know yourself

Every single day you learn new things about yourself. That struggle you have with your inner voice can get pretty intense but at the end of the day, you’ll make up and keep going. At the end of the trip your characteristics will either be more pronounced or you’ll be more determined to be a better person.

Set your own pace

Some people can cover 5 attractions in a day whereas you might be comfortable to spreading them across 2. Especially if you are used to following group tours, this can be particularly exciting as you no longer have to spend only 30 minutes on lunch or 1 hour to explore a museum. Take all the time you need!

Decide your own path

Unless you’re the kind who must have detailed itinerary, you can choose to go anywhere you want depending on your mood on that particular day. You are free to decide what time you want to get out of bed, which is a plus point in my book! Especially when you have been out till the wee hours the night before or still feeling sluggish from jet lag.

Meet new people

It is MUCH easier to get to know new people, both travellers and locals, if you are alone. There’s nothing I hate more than to see travellers in a group or coupling up in a walking tour and refusing to interact with everyone else. Solo travellers are cool and you know it.

Challenge yourself

All decisions are to be made by you unless you have the resources to poll an audience or call a friend. I am not talking about climbing mountains or anything physical. It can be as simple as where can I find a restaurant in Barcelona that will serve paella serving for one #truestory or instead of taking the subway, can I reach my destination in a bus?

Pack up and go

Since no one else is coming with you, you get to decide where to go, when to go and how to get there. You set your own budget and get to pick all the things you like instead of having to compromise with the rest of the group. Selfish? About time!

You rule!

All rules set by you. Whether you want to fuck breakfast or spend no more than $50 a day, it is up to you to set the limit.

Feel liberated

There is nothing more liberating that to be out there in the world on your own. You feel less like a tourist and more like a traveller. You will experience things that no travel books can describe. Your peers will be in awe with the stories you have to share. Be warned: it can get pretty addictive. Just standby your savings and ensure your passport is not expiring.

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